Marguerite Benoit  ‎(P1027)‎
Marguerite Benoit

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 29 May 1721 Verchères, , Quebec, Canada
Death: September 1700 ‎(Age )‎
Personal Facts and Details
Death September 1700 ‎(Age )‎
Birth 29 May 1721 Verchères, , Quebec, Canada

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Immediate Family  (F408)
Francois Sarrazin
1717 - 1818
Marie Victoire Sarazin
1791 - 1861


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  Text: ­http­://­trees­.­ancestry­.­com­/­pt­/­AMTCitationRedir­.­aspx­?­tid­=­7907117­&­pid­=­1027­

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Close Relatives
Family with Francois Sarrazin
Francois Sarrazin ‎(P1028)‎
Birth 2 July 1717 Lange, , Quebec, Canada
Death 1818 ‎(Age 100)‎
4 years

Marguerite Benoit ‎(P1027)‎
Birth 29 May 1721 Verchères, , Quebec, Canada
Death September 1700 ‎(Age )‎
Marie Victoire Sarazin ‎(P1015)‎
Birth 26 November 1791 74 70 St Eustache, Deux, Quebec, Canada
Death 5 May 1861 ‎(Age 69)‎ St Augustin, , Quebec, Canada