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Earliest birth yearRobert Nottingham ‎(P961)‎
Birth 1490 , Suffolk, , England
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearThomas Hills ‎(P719)‎
Birth 1570 Upminster, Essex, , England
Death 16 October 1596 ‎(Age 26)‎ Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Latest death year William Lawrence Peltier ‎(P343)‎
Birth 9 August 1929 42 40 Windsor Ont
Death 23 October 2013 ‎(Age 84)‎ Clinton, Macomb, Michigan, USA
Person who lived the longest
Augustin Peltier dit Antaya ‎(P651)‎
Birth 30 March 1715 38 39 St Famille, Isle Orleans, Quebec, Canada
Death 28 April 1905 ‎(Age 190)‎ Monroe, Michigan
Average age at death
Males: 63   Females: 61
Family with the most children
Andrew Deig + Anna Orth ‎(F167)‎
Marriage 15 April 1890 Posey, Indiana, USA
Average number of children per family
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Upcoming Events
Brown, John Patrick John Patrick24 July 192792Birth 
Deig, Joseph J Joseph J24 July 193386Death 
Marcot, Jean Baptiste
Neshkeek, Marie Otter
Jean Baptiste24 July 1758261Marriage 
Staffan, Adelia Adelia24 July 1844175Birth 
Boemier, Timothy Timothy25 July 1851168Birth 
Glinel, Marie Angelique Marie Angelique25 July 1708311Birth 
Wrenbeck, Marvin Elmer Marvin Elmer25 July 200118Death 
Deig, Andreas John Andreas John26 July 1827192Birth 
Drouillard, Simon Amable Simon Amable26 July 1805214Death 
Peery, Jane G Jane G26 July 1826193Birth 
Antaya, Augustin Jovitus Augustin Jovitus27 July 1794225Birth 
Dipple, Andrew Frank Andrew Frank27 July 193485Death 
PARE, MARGARET MARGARET27 July 1794225Birth 
Ebel, Bertha Bertha28 July 193584Death 
Riordan, Margaret Margaret28 July 1862157Death 
Schell, Albert George Albert George29 July 198435Death 
Andrus, Daniel Dart Daniel Dart30 July 1836183Death 
Antaya, Leo John Leo John30 July 194277Death 
Deig, John W John W30 July 1907112Marriage 
Deig, John W
Brass, Anna C
John W30 July 1907112Marriage 
Kuebler, Margarethe Margarethe30 July 1906113Death 
Pelletier, Joseph John
Legris, Lucille Anna
Joseph John30 July 194970Marriage 
Sapp, Rebecca Jane Rebecca Jane30 July 1910109Death 
Siver, Harold Jr. Harold Jr.30 July 197940Death 
Boilard, Pierre Narciss
Garant, Elizabeth
Pierre Narciss31 July 1855164Marriage 
Cole, Otto Harold
Dion, Gladys B
Otto Harold31 July 1918101Marriage 
AugustaAugust 1866153Birth 
Antaya, Laurence LaurenceAugust 1834185Death 
Belascus, Lucia LuciaAugust 1882137Birth 
Bertrand, John JohnAugust 1876143Birth 
Bertrand, Joseph Roy Joseph Roy1 August 1886133Birth 
Corby, Adella E Adella EAugust 1855164Birth 
Deig, Joseph J Joseph JAugust 1859160Birth 
Dery, Theodore Joseph Theodore JosephAugust 196851Death 
Goodman, Abe Abe1 August 195960Death 
Hawkins, Dennis
Murphy, Margaret T
Dennis1 August 1870149Marriage 
Hollar, Jacob JacobAugust 1879140Birth 
Wenger, John JohnAugust 1806213Death 
Woolston, Laura A Laura AAugust 1840179Birth 
Woolston, Samuel Samuel1 August 1666353Birth 
Woolston, William Dan William Dan1 August 1916103Marriage 
Wrenbeck, William William1 August 1879140Birth 
Bertrand, Francois Francois2 August 1736283Death 
Boilore, Arthur Louis Arthur Louis2 August 1868151Birth 
Dippel, Louis Louis2 August 193683Death 
Espenlaub, Lydia E. Lydia E.2 August 196257Death 
McCallum, Elizabeth B Elizabeth B2 August 1883136Birth 
Nye, Thankful Thankful2 August 1736283Birth 
Tetreault, Sophie Sophie2 August 1894125Death 
Antaya, Angelica Angelica3 August 1866153Death 
Antaya, Daniel Daniel3 August 1918101Death 
Baillargeon, Madeleine Madeleine3 August 1761258Death 
Deig, John W John W3 August 193881Death 
Dertinger, Adam Adam3 August 193386Death 
Noelle, Peter Wilhelm Peter Wilhelm3 August 1878141Birth 
Quentin, Nicolas
Roulois, Madeleine
Nicolas3 August 1660359Marriage 
Skora, Edward Edward3 August 198534Death 
Tourangeau, Joseph Joseph3 August 1790229Birth 
Ziemer, John Henry John Henry3 August 1743276Birth 
Belascus, Domingo Velasquez Domingo Velasquez4 August 1868151Birth 
Charbonneau, Marie Victoire Marie Victoire4 August 1860159Death 
Grenier, Amelia Emilie Amelia Emilie4 August 193287Death 
Holler, Catherine Catherine4 August 1892127Death 
Lebrun, Joseph Joseph4 August 1712307Birth 
Monty, Claude Claude4 August 1734285Birth 
Peltier, Harry Joseph Harry Joseph4 August 195564Death 
Perez, Dominga Dominga4 August 193188Birth 
Sollenberger, John John4 August 1792227Birth 
Wenger, Ulrich Ulrich4 August 1667352Birth 
Hollar, Walter Walter5 August 1881138Birth 
Hollar, Wilbur Peter Wilbur Peter5 August 1881138Birth 
Monty, Claude Claude5 August 1799220Death 
Boilard, Vitaline Marie Vitaline Marie6 August 1866153Birth 
Guignard dit St.Etienne, Catherine Catherine6 August 1802217Death 
Provencher, Mary Ann Mary Ann6 August 1828191Death 
Reinholz, Marie Marie6 August 1892127Birth 
Reinholz, Wilhelmina Anna Justine Wilhelmina Anna Justine6 August 1892127Birth 
Belasco, Howard Ralph Howard Ralph7 August 192099Birth 
Lebeau, Jean Baptiste Jean Baptiste7 August 1705314Birth 
Stallman, Louise Louise7 August 198435Death 
Wenger, Peter Peter7 August 1696323Birth 
Cadieux, Charles Charles8 August 1715304Death 
Colenutt, Alma Victoria Alma Victoria8 August 1919100Birth 
St Jean, Jean Baptiste
Delorme, Marie Anne Therese Enaud
Jean Baptiste8 August 1723296Marriage 
Martineau, Jean Baptiste
Canada, Teresa Henault
Jean Baptiste8 August 1723296Marriage 
Reaume, Henry Garry Henry Garry8 August 1887132Birth 
Skora, Edward
Zrull, Doris Edith
Edward8 August 195366Marriage 
Sollenberger, Catherine Catherine8 August 1893126Death 
West, Amy Amy8 August 1756263Death 
Antaya, Adolphe Adolphe9 August 192198Marriage 
Antaya, Adolphe
McGuigan, Bernette Mary
Adolphe9 August 192198Marriage 
Goodman, Alice Anne Alice Anne9 August 193683Death 
Hatch, Amy Amy9 August 1756263Death 
Nye, Benjamin Benjamin9 August 1818201Death 
Peltier, William Lawrence William Lawrence9 August 192990Birth 
West, Lucia Lucia9 August 1738281Birth 
Bazy, Mildred Beatrice Mildred Beatrice10 August 1905114Birth 
Dertinger, Sebastian Sebastian10 August 1830189Birth 
Garant, Pierre Pierre10 August 1853166Death 
Prince, Ella Eufala Ella Eufala10 August 1874145Birth 
Srull, Herman Rudolph Leopold Herman Rudolph Leopold10 August 197049Death 
Van Tiem, Julie Ann Julie Ann10 August 198435Death 
Vigneaux, Louis
Pageot, Catherine
Louis10 August 1795224Marriage 
West, Ebenezer Ebenezer10 August 1837182Death 
Antaya, James Edward James Edward11 August 200019Death 
Antaya, Zoe Zoe11 August 1822197Birth 
Deig, Delbert J Delbert J11 August 1915104Birth 
Guignard, Pierre
Lebeuf, Marie Josephe
Pierre11 August 1729290Marriage 
Montie, Lillian Eleanor Lillian Eleanor11 August 1896123Birth 
Antaya, Alfred Alfred12 August 1854165Birth 
Bertrand, Dorothy E Dorothy E12 August 200415Death 
Drake, Norman G Norman G12 August 198930Death 
Neumann, Clara Eleanora Clara Eleanora12 August 197445Death 
Strong, Sarah Abigail Sarah Abigail12 August 1807212Death 
Boemier, Julian Julian13 August 1900119Death 
Boilore, Christine Evelyn Christine Evelyn13 August 199623Death 
Hawkins, Leona Leona13 August 1888131Birth 
Hawkins, Leona Cecelia Leona Cecelia13 August 1888131Birth 
Hollar, Frank Ray Frank Ray13 August 1891128Birth 
Pelletier, Pierre
Rousseau, Margurite
Pierre13 August 1703316Marriage 
Van Tiem, Mary Mary13 August 195069Birth 
Zrull, Walther Lorenz Walther Lorenz13 August 1902117Birth 
Sollenberger, John John14 August 1881138Death 
Wenger, Hans Hans14 August 1625394Birth 
Cloyd, Phillip Eugene Phillip Eugene15 August 199920Baptism 
Fortier, Richard Richard15 August 1870149Death 
Hills, William William15 August 1683336Death 
LeTourneau, Stephanie Elizabeth Stephanie Elizabeth15 August 1870149Birth 
Tourangeau, Elisabeth Elisabeth15 August 1846173Death 
Tourangeau, Mary Joseph Mary Joseph15 August 1788231Birth 
Bertrand, Alexander Alexander16 August 193584Death 
Bertrand, Jean Baptiste
St Jean, Madeleine Martin Dit
Jean Baptiste16 August 1758261Marriage 
Deig, Clarence H. Clarence H.16 August 1909110Birth 
Deig, John Baptist John Baptist16 August 1906113Death 
Mattern, Herman William
Fowler, Leona Martha
Herman William16 August 1875144Marriage 
Peltz, William Harold William Harold16 August 196455Death 
Primeau, Catherine Catherine16 August 1913106Death 
Steele, Sarah Miranda Sarah Miranda16 August 1844175Birth 
Beriai, Jean
Pelletier, Francois Xavier
Jean17 August 1654365Marriage 
Boemier, Anthony Anthony17 August 192990Death 
Meloche, Anthony Anthony17 August 1815204Death 
Siver, Harold Henry
McCallum, Elizabeth B
Harold Henry17 August 192297Divorce 
Andrus, Daniel Dart
Demming, Polly
Daniel Dart18 August 1806213Marriage 
Antaya, Albert J Albert J18 August 1877142Birth 
St Jean, Madeleine Martin Dit Madeleine Martin Dit18 August 1818201Death 
Lacroix, Joseph Louis Joseph Louis18 August 1778241Death 
Lacroix, Louis Louis18 August 1805214Death 
Tremblay, Jacques Jacques18 August 1769250Death 
Antaya, Catherine Catherine19 August 1830189Birth 
Fortier, Christian Christian19 August 1821198Birth 
Guenet, Pierre Pierre19 August 1741278Death 
Barnes, Amanda Jane Amanda Jane20 August 194673Death 
Boilore, Paul Paul20 August 1908111Death 
Wood, John John20 August 1808211Death 
Andrus, Joseph Joseph21 August 1832187Death 
Antaya, Ernest Delipha
Beneteau, Julia
Ernest Delipha21 August 192396Marriage 
Buckman, Raymond Aloysious Raymond Aloysious21 August 193089Birth 
Hawkins, Basil Joseph Basil Joseph21 August 197049Death 
Lebeau, Catherine Catherine21 August 1778241Death 
Minor, Mercy Mercy21 August 1673346Birth 
Dippel, John John22 August 1866153Birth 
Fowler, Leona Martha Leona Martha22 August 192396Death 
Greulich, Millard Henry Millard Henry22 August 1881138Birth 
Plante, Suzanne Suzanne22 August 1733286Death 
Risch, Clara Leone Clara Leone22 August 1879140Birth 

Total events: 165
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Noelle, Peter Wilhelm Peter Wilhelm23 July 195069Death 
Pillard, Marie Catherine Marie Catherine23 July 1717302Death 

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