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Earliest birth yearRobert Nottingham ‎(P961)‎
Birth 1490 , Suffolk, , England
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearThomas Hills ‎(P719)‎
Birth 1570 Upminster, Essex, , England
Death 16 October 1596 ‎(Age 26)‎ Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Latest death year William Lawrence Peltier ‎(P343)‎
Birth 9 August 1929 42 40 Windsor Ont
Death 23 October 2013 ‎(Age 84)‎ Clinton, Macomb, Michigan, USA
Person who lived the longest
Augustin Peltier dit Antaya ‎(P651)‎
Birth 30 March 1715 38 39 St Famille, Isle Orleans, Quebec, Canada
Death 28 April 1905 ‎(Age 190)‎ Monroe, Michigan
Average age at death
Males: 63   Females: 61
Family with the most children
Andrew Deig + Anna Orth ‎(F167)‎
Marriage 15 April 1890 Posey, Indiana, USA
Average number of children per family
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Boilard, Nicholas Nicholas27 March 1799220Death 
Boufard, Anthony Anthony27 March 1884135Death 
Charron, Antoine Antoine27 March 1815204Birth 
Dipple, Andrew Frank
Brenner, Margaret
Andrew Frank27 March 1894125Marriage 
Parkins, Betty Louise Betty Louise27 March 192594Birth 
Rocheleau, Joseph Joseph27 March 1838181Birth 
West, Amasa Amasa27 March 1704315Birth 
Woolston, Ann Ann27 March 1825194Birth 
Woolston, John Finley John Finley27 March 1805214Birth 
Antaya, Laura Rosa Laura Rosa28 March 192198Event 
Bouchard, Elisabeth Agnes Elisabeth Agnes28 March 1758261Death 
Johnston, Michael Michael28 March 1829190Death 
Mattern, Otto Otto28 March 1883136Birth 
Neumann, William Berthold William Berthold28 March 192990Death 
Neale, Dorothy Dorothy29 March 1646373Birth 
Rhoads, Spareman Samuel Spareman Samuel29 March 192594Death 
Tremblay, Jacques Jacques29 March 1741278Death 
Baron, Suzanne Suzanne30 March 1906113Death 
Boilore, Irene Belle Irene Belle30 March 198435Death 
Boufard, Anthony Anthony30 March 1775244Birth 
Fortier, Noel Noel30 March 1683336Death 
Fortier, Noël Noël30 March 1683336Death 
Peltier dit Antaya, Augustin Augustin30 March 1715304Birth 
Peltier, Henry Francis Henry Francis30 March 199425Death 
Winks, Marie Marie30 March 1883136Birth 
Woolston, Alice Alice30 March 1594425Birth 
Bertrand, Joseph Roy Joseph Roy31 March 193782Event 
Fortier, Joseph Joseph31 March 1699320Birth 
Hahn, Katherine Katherine31 March 1900119Death 
Hart, Josephine Helen Josephine Helen31 March 194970Death 
Blais, Joseph Marie Joseph MarieApril 1838181Death 
Blosser, Anna AnnaApril 1699320Death 
Dionet, Jeanne JeanneApril 1723296Death 
Doran, Bridget BridgetApril 1885134Death 
Ewin, SUSANNA SUSANNAApril 1792227Death 
Fischer, Gottfried GottfriedApril 1856163Birth 
Hart, Josephine Helen Josephine HelenApril 1896123Birth 
Lacroix, Agathe AgatheApril 1741278Death 
Larue, Jean Baptiste Jean BaptisteApril 1674345Death 
Menard, Marie Francoise Marie Francoise1 April 1774245Birth 
Oyer, Harry F Harry FApril 1867152Birth 
Tschantz, Cathrina CathrinaApril 1689330Death 
Wolson, Geffery Geffery1 April 1630389Death 
Woolston, Samuel Samuel1 April 1727292Death 
Woolston, William Dan William DanApril 197247Death 
Boucher, Genevieve Prisque Genevieve Prisque2 April 1761258Death 
Boule, Charles Charles2 April 1711308Birth 
Bryant, Dora Irene Dora Irene2 April 1906113Birth 
Charbonneau, Marguerite Marguerite2 April 1739280Death 
Hogshead, Betty Ann Betty Ann2 April 1906113Death 
Schilke, Edward Edward2 April 198831Death 
Wenger, Magdalena Magdalena2 April 1676343Birth 
Charron, Pierre Pierre3 April 1588431Birth 
Dery II, John Henry John Henry3 April 196356Death 
Gloria, Marie Charlotte Marie Charlotte3 April 1721298Birth 
Gloria, Marie Charlotte Marie Charlotte3 April 1721298Baptism 
Hahn, Katherine Katherine3 April 1900119Burial 
Folz, George George4 April 1849170Birth 
Parkin, Robert Earl Robert Earl4 April 1916103Birth 
Alleman, Henry Henry5 April 1791228Birth 
Boilore, Gil Arthur Gil Arthur5 April 200415Death 
Ewan, Absalom
Gaskill, Hannah
Absalom5 April 1738281Marriage 
Gaskill, Josiah
Lippincott, Rebecca
Josiah5 April 1704315Marriage 
LaCroix, Virginia Virginia5 April 1840179Birth 
Mailloux, Jacques Jacques5 April 1677342Death 
Meloche, Geneveva Geneveva5 April 1813206Death 
Metzger, Elizabeth Elizabeth5 April 1863156Birth 
Reaume, Henry Garry Henry Garry5 April 1916103Event 
Antaya, Chrysostom Chrysostom6 April 1784235Birth 
Belasco, Raymond R. Raymond R.6 April 194574Death 
Quentin, Louis Louis6 April 1728291Death 
Reinholz, Martha Louise Martha Louise6 April 1892127Birth 
Tremblay, Jacques
Quentin, Marie Angelique
Jacques6 April 1728291Marriage 
LaCroix, Virginia Virginia7 April 1840179Birth 
Zrull, Eleanora Eleanora7 April 1879140Event 
Antaya, Louisa Louisa8 April 1812207Death 
Brooke, Roger Roger8 April 1700319Death 
Dery, John Henry
LeTourneau, Stephanie Elizabeth
John Henry8 April 1893126Marriage 
Fortier, Marie Francoise Marie Francoise8 April 1734285Birth 
Sapp, Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin8 April 1877142Death 
Zrull, Eric Ansell Eric Ansell8 April 193485Birth 
Cloyd, James Franklin
Word, Joyce Marie
James Franklin9 April 195564Marriage 
Deig, Catherine "Kate" Catherine "Kate"9 April 1867152Birth 
Fortier, Joseph Joseph9 April 1720299Marriage 
Guignard, Pierre Pierre9 April 1756263Death 
Hollar, Carl E Carl E9 April 196257Death 
Hollar, Sara Sara9 April 1793226Birth 
Lebrun dit Carrier, Marie Geneviève Marie Geneviève9 April 1748271Birth 
Plante, Suzanne Suzanne9 April 1720299Marriage 
Schurch, Casper Casper9 April 1657362Birth 
Zrull, Eric Ansell Eric Ansell9 April 193485Death 
Antaya, David David10 April 1884135Death 
Antaya, Laurence Laurence10 April 1833186Birth 
Canada, Teresa Henault Teresa Henault10 April 1700319Birth 
Delorme, Marie Anne Therese Enaud Marie Anne Therese Enaud10 April 1702317Birth 
Lamontagne, Francois Bacquet Francois Bacquet10 April 1701318Death 
Sollenberger, Daniel Daniel10 April 1794225Birth 
Stoddard, Lucy Lucy10 April 1747272Birth 
Antaya, Anna Anna11 April 194475Death 
Boilard, Vitaline Marie Vitaline Marie11 April 196059Death 
Fournier, Jean Baptiste Jean Baptiste11 April 1796223Death 
Lemieux, Marie Marthe Marie Marthe11 April 1675344Birth 
Nottingham, Mary Mary11 April 1631388Birth 
Siver, Leo Edward Leo Edward11 April 1916103Death 
Tickfer, Julia Julia11 April 1842177Birth 
Wood, David David11 April 1757262Birth 
Woolston, Joseph
Bell, Elizabeth
Joseph11 April 1802217Marriage 
Antaya, Monica Monica12 April 1804215Birth 
Brooke, Roger Roger12 April 1673346Birth 
Drouillard, Elisabeth Elisabeth12 April 1818201Birth 
Letartre, Louise Anne Louise Anne12 April 1696323Death 
Mattern, Nettie Nettie12 April 1887132Birth 
Srull, Frederick William Frederick William12 April 1918101Death 
Antaya, Agnes Agnes13 April 1860159Birth 
Bedard, William L. William L.13 April 199623Death 
Keusch, Phillip Phillip13 April 192693Death 
Macard, Michelle Madeleine Michelle Madeleine13 April 1700319Death 
Pelletier, Francois Xavier Francois Xavier13 April 1642377Birth 
Taylor, Stephen Hunter Stephen Hunter13 April 1888131Birth 
Zrull, Freda Marie Freda Marie13 April 1900119Birth 
Bergeron, Andre
Grenon, Marie Charlotte
Andre14 April 1698321Marriage 
Boemier, Mary Julia Mary Julia14 April 1849170Birth 
Fournier, Jean Baptiste Jean Baptiste14 April 1715304Birth 
Giroux, Marie Louise Marie Louise14 April 194574Death 
Manke, Adolphina Adolphina14 April 1874145Birth 
Rousseau, Mathurin Mathurin14 April 1658361Death 
Siver, Bessie May Bessie May14 April 1907112Birth 
Sollenberger, Abraham Abraham14 April 1879140Death 
Deig, Andrew
Orth, Anna
Andrew15 April 1890129Marriage 
Hawkins, Basil Harcourt Basil Harcourt15 April 1908111Birth 
Hollar, Harry Elijah
Kenyon, Allie L
Harry Elijah15 April 1909110Marriage 
Hollar, Mabel Orrissa Mabel Orrissa15 April 199425Death 
Mailloux, Alfred Clement
Brissette, Glorvina Marie
Alfred Clement15 April 1890129Marriage 
Marcot, Jean Baptiste Jean Baptiste15 April 1720299Birth 
Peltier, Eleanor Marie Eleanor Marie15 April 1912107Birth 
Siver, Leo Edward Leo Edward15 April 1909110Birth 
Deig, John W John W16 April 1869150Birth 
Pouget, Norman Norman16 April 192396Death 
Reinke, Frederick A. Frederick A.16 April 1901118Birth 
Siver, Harold Jr. Harold Jr.16 April 1918101Birth 
Boilard, Pierre Narciss Pierre Narciss17 April 1901118Death 
Boufard, John Baptist John Baptist17 April 1784235Birth 
Dufour, Genevieve Genevieve17 April 1866153Death 
Siver, Russel Lee Russel Lee17 April 1902117Birth 
Monty, Jean Baptiste Jean Baptiste18 April 1774245Birth 
Renaud, Charles John Charles John18 April 1800219Birth 
Wood, Joseph
Kempland, Mary
Joseph18 April 1756263Marriage 
Dertinger, John Lloyd John Lloyd19 April 1896123Birth 
Kahl, William August William August19 April 199623Death 
Pillard, Pierre Pierre19 April 1635384Birth 
Tourangeau, Louis Louis19 April 1803216Birth 
Antaya, Anthony Anthony20 April 1824195Birth 
Mernan, Margaret Margaret20 April 1846173Birth 
Zrull, Louise Elizabeth Louise Elizabeth20 April 192396Death 
Oyer, Ruth Hollar Ruth Hollar21 April 195069Death 
Pilote, Marie-Josephe Marie-Josephe21 April 1730289Birth 
Srull, Herman Rudolph Leopold
Fischer, Louise Caroline
Herman Rudolph Leopold21 April 1910109Marriage 
Antaya, Joseph Edmond
Strong, Marie Mathilde
Joseph Edmond22 April 1912107Marriage 
Auger, Marie Charlotte Marie Charlotte22 April 1772247Death 
Bedard, William L. William L.22 April 195663Birth 
Deig, George Fred
Espenlaub, Lydia E.
George Fred22 April 1919100Marriage 
Guyon, Claude Claude22 April 1629390Birth 
Lyman, Phyllis Phyllis22 April 1640379Death 
Maniex, Theresa Helena Theresa Helena22 April 1887132Birth 
Reaume, Marie Jeanne Marie Jeanne22 April 1847172Death 
Reinholz, August
Zrull, Gottliebe
August22 April 1882137Marriage 
Van Tiem, Alfred Alfred22 April 200019Death 
Antaya, Mary Josephine Mary Josephine23 April 1853166Birth 
Barrette, Leona Philomene Leona Philomene23 April 192099Birth 
Bertrand, Joseph Emerald Joseph Emerald23 April 192990Birth 
Campeau, Angélique Angélique23 April 1895124Death 
Charon, Louis
Charbonneau, Marie Victoire
Louis23 April 1798221Marriage 
Deig, Lillian C. Lillian C.23 April 200118Death 
Deig, Lylian Lylian23 April 200118Death 
Demming, Polly Polly23 April 1839180Death 
Soulliere, Ulric Ulric23 April 1885134Birth 
West, Oliver Oliver23 April 1816203Death 
Whiteman, Orissa Orvilla Orissa Orvilla23 April 193683Death 
Boilard, Jean Jean24 April 1737282Death 
Dart, Mercy Mercy24 April 1756263Birth 
Grenon, Marie Charlotte Marie Charlotte24 April 1712307Death 
Nottingham, Mary Mary24 April 1644375Birth 
THOMAS24 April 1624395Marriage 
Richards, Mary E Mary E24 April 1877142Birth 
Schreiber, Mary Mary24 April 1899120Birth 
Woolston, Joseph Joseph24 April 1750269Death 
Cloutier, Marie Francoise Marie Francoise25 April 1785234Birth 
Dippel, Rosa Elizabeth Rosa Elizabeth25 April 195762Death 
Frenchin, Henrietta J Henrietta J25 April 198435Death 
Woolston, Elizabeth Elizabeth25 April 1695324Birth 
Woolston, Elizabeth Elizabeth25 April 1695324Birth 
Woolston, Elizabeth Elizabeth25 April 1695324Birth 

Total events: 193
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