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Earliest birth yearRobert Nottingham ‎(P961)‎
Birth 1490 , Suffolk, , England
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearThomas Hills ‎(P719)‎
Birth 1570 Upminster, Essex, , England
Death 16 October 1596 ‎(Age 26)‎ Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Latest death year William Lawrence Peltier ‎(P343)‎
Birth 9 August 1929 42 40 Windsor Ont
Death 23 October 2013 ‎(Age 84)‎ Clinton, Macomb, Michigan, USA
Person who lived the longest
Augustin Peltier dit Antaya ‎(P651)‎
Birth 30 March 1715 38 39 St Famille, Isle Orleans, Quebec, Canada
Death 28 April 1905 ‎(Age 190)‎ Monroe, Michigan
Average age at death
Males: 63   Females: 61
Family with the most children
Andrew Deig + Anna Orth ‎(F167)‎
Marriage 15 April 1890 Posey, Indiana, USA
Average number of children per family
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Charron, Jean Baptiste Jean Baptiste24 September 1776243Death 
Deig, Henry Herman Henry Herman24 September 1912107Marriage 
Deig, Henry Herman
Relleke, Dena J
Henry Herman24 September 1912107Marriage 
Ebel, Bertha Bertha24 September 1871148Birth 
Fortier, Christian Christian24 September 1826193Birth 
Guillet dit Tourangeau, Philippe Philippe24 September 1742277Death 
Antaya, Daniel Daniel25 September 1911108Event 
Deig, Margaret Johanna Margaret Johanna25 September 194376Death 
Dippel, John John25 September 1919100Burial 
Fortier, Victoria Victoria25 September 1842177Death 
Koppitsch, William Frederick William Frederick25 September 1887132Birth 
Sochowicz, Hedwig Catherine Hedwig Catherine25 September 1903116Birth 
Woolston, Ruth Ruth25 September 1691328Birth 
Antaya, George Orville George Orville26 September 199425Death 
ANTAYA, John Baptist John Baptist26 September 1775244Birth 
Antaya, Maxime Felix Maxime Felix26 September 192495Death 
Brelancour, Anne Anne26 September 1661358Death 
Dipple, Albert Albert26 September 194673Death 
Fournier, Angelique Angelique26 September 1753266Birth 
Leblond, Marie Charlotte Marie Charlotte26 September 1808211Death 
Morisseau, Julien Julien26 September 1661358Death 
Pelletier, Francois
Morisseau, Marguerite Madeleine
Francois26 September 1661358Marriage 
Antaya, Helena Helena27 September 1910109Death 
Bratton, Leonadis Franklin Leonadis Franklin27 September 1860159Birth 
Fischer, Johann Christian Johann Christian27 September 1785234Birth 
Primeau, Catherine Catherine27 September 1845174Birth 
Risch, Charles George
Mernan, Margaret
Charles George27 September 1864155Marriage 
Antaya, Clyde J Clyde J28 September 196158Death 
Antaya, Daniel Daniel28 September 1848171Birth 
Bourdeau, Isabella Isabella28 September 1822197Death 
Brass, Casper Casper28 September 1898121Death 
Durand, Catherine Catherine28 September 1753266Birth 
Fortier, Peter
Tourangeau, Margaret
Peter28 September 1802217Marriage 
Fortier, Pierre
Tourangeau, Margaret
Pierre28 September 1802217Marriage 
Hollar, Sara Sara28 September 1876143Death 
Lacroix, Louis Louis28 September 1691328Birth 
Lupien, Pierre Barron dit Pierre Barron dit28 September 1767252Birth 
Bertrand, Joseph
Drouillard, Elisabeth
Joseph29 September 1834185Marriage 
Colenutt, Alma Victoria Alma Victoria29 September 199524Death 
Drevanz, Carolyn Carolyn29 September 194475Death 
Durand, Catherine Catherine29 September 1753266Baptism 
Guillet dit Tourangeau, Jean Baptiste Rene
Pilote, Marie-Josephe
Jean Baptiste Rene29 September 1750269Marriage 
Pride, Nancy Nancy29 September 1900119Death 
Tremblay, Marie Louise Marie Louise29 September 1794225Death 
Woolston, Elizabeth Elizabeth29 September 1760259Death 
Woolston, Elizabeth Elizabeth29 September 1760259Death 
Woolston, Joshua Joshua29 September 1828191Death 
Woolston, Joshua
Ewan, Tamar
Joshua29 September 1770249Marriage 
Mailloux, Arthur Arthur30 September 1893126Birth 
Pilote, Pierre
Chalifou, Louise
Pierre30 September 1716303Marriage 
Rousseau, Margurite Margurite30 September 1675344Birth 
Schmeltzer, Auguste Auguste30 September 193089Death 
Tourangeau, Andrew
Antaya, Sophia
Andrew30 September 1828191Marriage 
Cole, William WilliamOctober 1863156Birth 
Drouillard, Jean Jean1 October 1733286Death 
Hahn, Mary L Mary L1 October 195267Death 
Mattern, Herman William Herman William1 October 1850169Birth 
Peltier, Eleanor Marie Eleanor Marieabout October 200514Death 
Rocheleau, Joseph Joseph1 October 1912107Death 
Sapp, Samuel SamuelOctober 1852167Birth 
Sochowicz, Wladislaus WladislausOctober 1865154Birth 
Zrull, Gottliebe Gottliebe1 October 1911108Death 
Antaya, Albert J
Beyette, Eva
Albert J2 October 1909110Marriage 
St Jean, Jean Baptiste Jean Baptiste2 October 1762257Death 
Kuschel, Harry Albert Harry Albert2 October 1894125Birth 
West, Oliver Oliver2 October 1733286Birth 
Antaya, Ernest Delipha Ernest Delipha3 October 1894125Birth 
Drouillard, Joseph
Dufour, Catherine
Joseph3 October 1785234Marriage 
Fournier, Pierre
Morin, Marie Madeleine
Pierre3 October 1743276Marriage 
Kahl, Werner W Werner W3 October 194574Military Service 
Lacroix, David Joseph David Joseph3 October 1712307Death 
Tessier, Marguerite Marguerite3 October 1669350Birth 
Antaya, David David4 October 193089Death 
Antaya, Helena Helena4 October 1844175Birth 
ANTAYA, JOHN JOHN4 October 193089Death 
Charbonneau, Jean Pierre
Sarazin, Marie Victoire
Jean Pierre4 October 1773246Marriage 
Fowler, George George4 October 1853166Birth 
Guthrie, Sarah Rebecca Sarah Rebecca4 October 1877142Death 
Pageot, Catherine Catherine4 October 1774245Birth 
Renaud, Archange Archange4 October 1881138Death 
Renaud, Charles John Charles John4 October 1868151Death 
Vallee, Angelique Angelique4 October 1812207Death 
Villers, Mary Louisa Mary Louisa4 October 1754265Birth 
Baucher, Marie Brigitte Marie Brigitte5 October 1707312Birth 
Deig, Catherine "Kate" Catherine "Kate"5 October 194673Death 
Hawkins, Mary Teresa Mary Teresa5 October 193782Death 
Hollar, Lester Elknah
Frame, Bessie Belle
Lester Elknah5 October 1896123Marriage 
Laramee, Marie Jeanne Marie Jeanne5 October 1801218Death 
Antaya, Adelaide Adelaide6 October 1825194Birth 
Blais, Jean-Baptiste Jean-Baptiste6 October 1754265Birth 
Bouchard, Elisabeth Agnes Elisabeth Agnes6 October 1677342Birth 
Newbold, Thomas
Symmes, Joanne
Thomas6 October 1616403Marriage 
Sollenberger, John John6 October 1821198Birth 
Antaya, Anna Anna7 October 1877142Birth 
Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth7 October 1886133Death 
Charbonneau, Jean Pierre Jean Pierre7 October 1817202Death 
Clippinger, John John7 October 1850169Death 
Hollar, Arthur William Arthur William7 October 1888131Birth 
Woolston, Susannah Susannah7 October 1672347Birth 
Hawkins, Mary Teresa Mary Teresa8 October 1875144Birth 
Hupfeld, Anna Martha Anna Martha8 October 1780239Birth 
Dippel, Julia Lillian Julia Lillian9 October 198237Death 
Fowler, Justin Peter Justin Peter9 October 1915104Death 
Percy, Grace I Grace I9 October 1891128Birth 
Siver, Russel Lee Russel Lee9 October 197841Death 
Fortier, Louisa Louisa10 October 1841178Birth 
Woolston, Michal Michal10 October 1813206Birth 
Reinke, Frederick A.
Zrull, Freda Marie
Frederick A.11 October 192495Marriage 
Antaya, Andrew Andrew12 October 1782237Birth 
Blais, Jean-Baptiste
Fontaine, Françoise
Jean-Baptiste12 October 1778241Marriage 
Boufard, Joseph Peter Joseph Peter12 October 1776243Birth 
Dery II, John Henry
Boilore, Irene Belle
John Henry12 October 1915104Marriage 
Dipple, Andrew F. Andrew F.12 October 1897122Birth 
Ewin, John John12 October 1732287Death 
Fortier, Antoine Antoine12 October 1742277Death 
Hedtke, Emma Julie Emma Julie12 October 1877142Birth 
ROULOIS, Michel Michel12 October 1690329Death 
West, Ebenezer
Nye, Mehitabel
Ebenezer12 October 1779240Marriage 
Belleperche, Francoise Francoise13 October 1796223Burial 
Belleperche, Francoise Francoise13 October 1796223Death 
Deig, Margaret Margaret13 October 1847172Marriage 
Dillman, Caroline E. Caroline E.13 October 1890129Birth 
Drake, Henry James Henry James13 October 1890129Birth 
Hatch, Amy Amy13 October 1713306Birth 
Keefer, Mary Catherine Mary Catherine13 October 1863156Birth 
LaCroix, Charles Charles13 October 1884135Death 
Sanders, Anna Barbara Anna Barbara13 October 1787232Death 
Smith, Robert Robert13 October 20127Death 
Antaya, George
Vigneux, Scholastica
George14 October 1844175Marriage 
Baker, Ollie Mc Kinley Ollie Mc Kinley14 October 196158Death 
Bertrand, Francois
Meunier, Marie Madeleine
Francois14 October 1719300Marriage 
Blais, Joseph Marie
Fournier, Marie Catherine
Joseph Marie14 October 1806213Marriage 
Newbold, Lettice Lettice14 October 1659360Birth 
Reaume, Mary Ann Mary Annafter 14 October 1772247Death 
Wood, Benjamin Benjamin14 October 1754265Birth 
Antaya, Laura Rosa Laura Rosa15 October 1890129Birth 
Baker, Gertrude Florence Gertrude Florence15 October 1900119Birth 
Boemier, John Baptist John Baptist15 October 1817202Birth 
Boilard, Louis Louis15 October 1760259Birth 
Deig, Edward E Edward E15 October 196653Death 
Sharmon, Anna Catherine Anna Catherine15 October 1750269Birth 
Vigneux, Nicolas Nicolas15 October 1712307Birth 
Demming, Jabez Jabez16 October 1799220Death 
Desgagne, Marie Louise Marie Louise16 October 1815204Death 
Hills, Thomas Thomas16 October 1596423Death 
Hills, Thomas
Scarborrow, Jane
Thomas16 October 1596423Marriage 
Noelle, Peter Wilhelm
Meinschein, Anna Caroline
Peter Wilhelm16 October 1909110Marriage 
Parkins, John G. John G.16 October 1872147Birth 
Strong, Marie Mathilde Marie Mathilde16 October 1889130Birth 
Charbonneau, Pierre Pierre17 October 1849170Death 
Charron, Jean Baptiste Jean Baptiste17 October 1684335Birth 
Fisher, Catherine Thressia Catherine Thressia17 October 1830189Birth 
Gervais, Marie Madeleine Marie Madeleine17 October 1729290Marriage 
Kahl, Otto Henry Otto Henry17 October 1906113Birth 
Pageot, Thomas
Gervais, Marie Madeleine
Thomas17 October 1729290Marriage 
Buckman, Christine Marie Christine Marie18 October 198534Death 
Dion, Jean-Baptiste
Racine, Marguerite
Jean-Baptiste18 October 1810209Marriage 
Hawkins, Fern Margaret Theresa Mary Fern Margaret Theresa Mary18 October 199029Death 
Hawkins, Marvella F Marvella F18 October 199326Death 
Lamontagne, Francois Bacquet Francois Bacquet18 October 1744275Death 
Renaud, Archange Archange18 October 1786233Birth 
Schreiber, Mary Mary18 October 197643Death 
Charron, Nicolas Pierre
Pillard, Marie Catherine
Nicolas Pierre19 October 1665354Marriage 
Nurrenbern, George T George T19 October 1863156Birth 
Peltz, Thomas Aled Thomas Aled19 October 200118Death 
Pillard, Pierre Pierre19 October 1665354Death 
Zrull, Edward W. Edward W.19 October 199821Death 
Antaya, Joseph Joseph20 October 1846173Birth 
Bell, Hannah Hannah20 October 1802217Birth 
Dupas, Mathurin
Bidet, Jeanne
Mathurin20 October 1700319Marriage 
Hollar, Christopher Elkanah Christopher Elkanah20 October 1848171Birth 
Holler, Philip H Philip H20 October 1862157Birth 
Kuebler, George George20 October 1805214Birth 
Michael, Laura Louise Alvina Laura Louise Alvina20 October 1883136Birth 
Neumann, Ida Caroline Ida Caroline20 October 1899120Birth 
Beal, Loretta Loretta21 October 1867152Birth 
Deig, Julia Catherine Julia Catherine21 October 1864155Birth 
Drouillard, Simon Simon21 October 1733286Death 
Fortier, Cecelia Cecelia21 October 1814205Birth 
Hollar, Frank Ray Frank Ray21 October 196356Death 
Smith, Thomas Melville Thomas Melville21 October 200613Death 
Vigneux, Marie Marguerite Marie Marguerite21 October 1768251Birth 
Vigneux, Marie Marguerite Marie Marguerite21 October 1824195Death 
Wenger, Niklaus Niklaus21 October 1703316Birth 
Antaya, Elizabeth Elizabeth22 October 1837182Birth 
Dupas, Marie Francoise Marie Francoise22 October 1767252Death 
Fournier, Jean Baptiste
Gosselin, Marie Therese
Jean Baptiste22 October 1742277Marriage 
Gloria, Antoine Antoine22 October 1727292Death 
Hollar, Casper W Casper W22 October 196950Death 
Tourangeau, Joseph Guillet Joseph Guillet22 October 1762257Birth 
Valentine, Evelyn E Evelyn E22 October 1900119Birth 
Antaya, Dorothea Dorothea23 October 1824195Birth 
Antaya, Mary Mary23 October 1824195Birth 
Cadieu, Marie Madeleine Marie Madeleine23 October 1659360Baptism 
Hollar, August Henry August Henry23 October 195465Death 
Peltier, William Lawrence William Lawrence23 October 20136Death 
Sollenberger, Catherine Catherine23 October 1823196Birth 

Total events: 197
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Brickhouse, John N John N23 September 1795224Birth 
Deig, Margaret Hattie Margaret Hattie23 September 1893126Birth 
Holler, Catherine Catherine23 September 1801218Birth 
Kahl, Werner W Werner W23 September 198831Burial 
Keusch, Phillip Phillip23 September 1842177Birth 
Martineau, Angelique Angelique23 September 1684335Birth 
Onorati, George George23 September 195366Birth 

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